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School of Ministry

School of Ministry is the path to becoming a licensed minister of the Great Plains Conference. If you have any questions about School of Ministry or want more information, feel free to contact our School of Ministry director.
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In the past, participating in School of Ministry has been a challenge for some potential students as they would be required to travel to classroom sessions and do workbooks that had to be mailed in for grading. The process was difficult for people who felt a call to ministry but also had busy lives. The need to take School of Ministry online has been very real for a long time and we are excited to announce that it is happening!


We are happy to announce that the Great Plains Conference has been selected as one of six conferences to participate in the pilot program before the official launch of the new Online IPHC Ministerial Credentialing Program. Our pilot program will begin in January of 2024 with Year One Students from the Great Plains Conference and then by the end of May all conferences will have access to all Year One Materials. During the preview of the first 3 courses, feedback will be collected from students and leaders in the pilot conferences and taken into consideration as the final Year One courses are developed and produced. Our School of Ministry Director, Esther Guenther, is being trained on how to register new students for the online program and how to use the new Learning Management System that will be used in the Online Program.


This is an incredible time to join the Ministerial Credentialing Program in the Great Plains Conference!


We are excited about this new program and think you will be very pleased with the quality and flexibility of the classes. 

If you would like to join the NEW & ONLINE School of Ministry, please contact Esther Guenther at

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